Dragonslayer Stories

By Resa Nelson

  • Release Date : 2013-09-22
  • Genre : Epic
  • FIle Size : 0.16 MB


Dragonslayer Stories Years before Resa Nelson wrote her 4-book Dragonslayer series (The Dragonslayer’s Sword, The Iron Maiden, The Stone of Darkness, and The Dragon’s Egg), she wrote two short stories that were published in Science Fiction Age magazine. These are her Dragonslayer short stories, both of which were recommended for the Nebula Award. (Appropriate for adults and teens, ages 14 and up.)

In "The Dragonslayer’s Sword", Astrid the blacksmith struggles to choose between protecting herself from a new dragonslayer’s unwelcome advances and the necessity of keeping his weapons in good shape so he can protect her village from dragons. Her fellow villagers believe the previous dragonslayer has been killed by a dragon, but Astrid knows the real reason he’s gone missing and this knowledge haunts her.

In "The Silver Shoes", Astrid is surprised by a visit from Lenore, a newcomer who acts as if the village’s customs and laws don’t apply to her, leaving her friendless. But when asking Astrid to make a pair of silver shoes for her, Lenore reveals her disturbing past and the true meaning of her request for these shoes.

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