Dance Diaries: Learning Ballroom Dance

By The Girl with the Tree Tattoo

  • Release Date : 2016-04-03
  • Genre : Dance
  • FIle Size : 0.29 MB


Dance Diaries: Learning Ballroom Dance Why didn't anyone tell me?

Ballroom dancing is fun, magical and, most of all, life-changing. When I first started learning ballroom though, I fumbled around awkwardly and sometimes painfully, figuring things out as I went along. Certain things weren't explained or just never came up in conversation. From what to expect in class to how to find the right teacher or dance partner to how much ballroom really costs, Dance Diaries: Learning Ballroom Dance covers the things that I wish I had known when I first started learning ballroom. This quick read is your cheat sheet to help you get the most out of your ballroom experience.

Happy dancing!


  • A must read!

    By NickM5196
    If you have just found this book the way I found The Girl with The Tree Tattoo blog, you must be wondering, whats it all about? Dance Diaries contains all the information you want and need to know. As a beginner, you probably have so many questions. If you want the answer, then you are button away from it! I have socially danced, competed and been partnered up at my current school. This book still has pointers on things, I am either currently experiencing or just been through. Beginner, experienced or going through a rough point in your journey to your goal? The pages contain the answer you are looking to seek, or need to read. Combined with Katie's ability to write, the information is easy to read and take on, I was left smiling throughout. If you want to continue to follow up the book with handy information and tips, follow the blog!