By MJ DeMarco

  • Release Date : 2017-05-23
  • Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • FIle Size : 5.50 MB


Unscripted What if Life Wasn't About 50 Years of Wage-Slavery, Paying Bills and then Dying? 

Tired of sleepwalking through a mediocre life bribed by mindless video-gaming, redemptive weekends, and a scant paycheck from a soul-suffocating job?  Welcome to the SCRIPTED club— where membership is neither perceived or consented.

The fact is, ever since you’ve been old enough to sit obediently in a classroom, you have been culturally engineered for servitude, unwittingly enslaved into a Machiavellian system where illusionary rules go unchallenged, sanctified traditions go unquestioned, and lifelong dreams go unfulfilled. As a result, your life is hijacked and marginalized into debt, despair, and dependence. Life's death sentence becomes the daily curse of the trivial and mundane. Fun fades. Dreams die. Don't let life's consolation prize become a car and a weekend.

Recapture what is yours and make a revolutionary repossession of life-and-liberty through the pursuit of entrepreneurship. A paradigm shift isn't needed—the damn paradigm needs to be thrown-out altogether.

The truth is, if you blindly follow conventional wisdom pushed by conventional people living conventional lives, can you expect to be anything but conventional? Rewrite life’s script: ditch the job, give Wall Street the bird, and escape the insanity of trading your life away for a paycheck and an elderly promise called retirement. UNSCRIPT today and start leading life— instead of life leading you.   


  • A must own entrepreneur book.

    By Mickyd2k
    A honest and thorough book which gives the framework for a life every entrepreneur dreams of. There's no cheese, no motives just honest advice from someone who has actually made it the way they are teaching.
  • A must have !

    By Jon Williams Australia
    Unscripted is a must have business/life book that should be on everyone's shelf. This book is the go to and will not disappoint! Unscripted and MJs first book - the Millionaire Fastlane are a quality combination which you should all own, read, take notes, re read and put the lessons into practice as these are the closest things to a shortcut to wealth. Thanks MJ!