Safe Foods

By Deborah Mitchell

  • Release Date : 2004-10-05
  • Genre : Reference
  • FIle Size : 0.73 MB


Safe Foods An A-to-Z guide to the most wholesome foods for you and your family! Get the facts about food additives, pesticides, foodborne pathogens, genetically engineered foods, irradiated foods, antibiotics and hormones, mad cow disease, trans fats, and much more!
It seems that every day, food producers, government agencies, and the media make confusing, contradictory claims about which foods are safe and which are dangerous.
Organized in quick-reference format, Safe Foods will help you separate the hype from the truth, find safe, healthy foods for your family, and answer some of today’s most burning questions:
· Are organic fruits and vegetables actually better—and are they worth the extra expense?
· If irradiating meat is safe, why have so many other countries banned it?
· What do experts really know about the safety of genetically engineered foods?
· How concerned should I be about the hormones, steroids, and antibiotics in my child’s diet?
Take Safe Foods with you the next time you go to the supermarket—and let it do the shopping for you.