Carver's Tomatoes

By Ann Chambers

  • Release Date : 2011-06-01
  • Genre : Reference
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Carver's Tomatoes "Carver’s Tomatoes" includes all of George Washington Carver’s 115 Tomato Recipes updated for today’s cooks. These were originally published in 1918 when Carver ran the Agriculture Department at the Tuskegee Institute under Booker T. Washington.

A brief biography of Carver is included to highlight his historical significance. He was born a slave but was both an educator and a celebrity in adulthood. In his time, he was a renowned Botanist.

His recipes remain relevant through their use of common pantry and garden ingredients. Most of these recipes are quite inexpensive to prepare and they are generally quite flexible, allowing the cook to create dishes to serve any number of people.

The recipes are wide-ranging, from basic ketchups to soups and salads to dinner entrees.

These recipes should prove particularly helpful to cooks with a garden, since there are a good number of recipes featuring green tomatoes, uses for small ripe tomatoes, as well as sauces such as his Tomato Soy, several ketchups, and large batches of tomato sauces meant to be preserved.

Many of Carver’s recipes use only basic seasoning such as salt and pepper, so they have been updated to include suggestions for more diverse spice blends. His cooking methods and utensils, likewise, were basic so some cooking instructions have been updated for the use of modern appliances.

For the reader’s convenience, the Table of Contents lists each recipe by Carver’s number and title and is linked to the full recipe in the book.

A table of measurements and equivalents follows the recipes.