The Death of Capital Gains Investing (and What to Replace It With)

By Richard Stooker

  • Release Date : 2011-12-06
  • Genre : Personal Finance
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The Death of Capital Gains Investing (and What to Replace It With) The longest bull market in history peaked in October 2007.
The last twelve years have been a "lost dozen."
Thousands of Americans are in city parks whining the stock market is a scam and capitalism no longer works.
The old paradigms have shifted.
Where're the 10% average annual gains the experts promised the stock market would deliver?
If you plan to retire someday, you need to learn where the real stock market wealth is today.
If you think some pension or mutual fund manager knows how to beat the market, or some TV or newsletter guru, you better get wise quick.
If you believe you can discover undervalued stocks by reading annual reports or monitoring Yahoo! Finance, you better get real.
The world economic and financial systems are teetering. The people, businesses, state and local governments, and national governments of the world have dug a huge hole of debt.
Nobody knows what's going to happen. When a rating agency can downgrade the United States government, nobody knows what else the future may bring.
Greeks are rioting in Athens and Americans in Oakland California.
Still think all you have to do to be set for life is find some low "P/E" stocks?