Titanic - The Most Complete Story Ever Told - Anniversary Edition

By Matthew Vollbrecht

  • Release Date : 2012-02-20
  • Genre : History
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Score: 4.0
From 317 Ratings


Titanic - The Most Complete Story Ever Told - Anniversary Edition More than 100 years have gone by since the Titanic sank. We've all heard the story of Titanic, but many recent books on the subject tend to miss out on the emotional connection - choosing instead to present a more professorial take on the subject. The result is often a book that is meaningful only to the student or historian with an intense interest in nothing but the facts. With this book, a casual, informal style is used. This allows for the facts to still be presented - even a few little-known facts, but it also gives even young readers a chance to feel intimately connected to a subject that has captured our hearts and minds for decades. This book gives an accurate and up-to-date account of every aspect of the Titanic saga, from its inception and construction to its more recent discovery and its impact on society and culture. What did Titanic's passengers eat? Why were third class passengers kept below until it was too late? Did people really believe Titanic was unsinkable? These questions and many more are explored in great detail. The author also examines what has changed since Titanic was built and speaks to the question of whether a similar disaster could happen again.


  • Truly terrifying but heroic

    By beejay11
    An incredible book full of historical information based around the Titanic disaster. Well written and researched, my understanding of the tragedy is now better for this book
  • Needs more pictures...

    By The whale whisperer.
    Needs more pictures, very factual.
  • Very basic

    By Super irons
    There is nothing in this book that has not been covered in greater depth by other more accomplished authors. Probably should be aimed at younger readers, although some of the grammar is appalling together with so many spelling mistakes. Maybe this would not be wise. JB
  • Poorly written, seems based on the film!

    By Abc123xyzcba
    Yes, there are a lot of statistics contained but frankly I read approximately half of the book before the poor grammar (mainly homophones) and dull as ditchwater narration made me give up. I can genuinely assert that if one were to use a spellcheck on the document before uploading, 99% of the problems would disappear. As is often the case with such accounts, much dramatic license has been used and so this book is closer to fiction than fact. I wonder whether the author was trying to be ironic in titling one chapter 'Oh The Humanity!' - a quote synonymous with the Hindenburg disaster. Such things grate on me.
  • Titanic

    By Loopy loly pop
    I thought it was very interesting and sad I feel sorry for those people on that boat
  • Amazing

    By Matty6536789
    It is the best book ever
  • Fantastic Read!

    By MummySK
    Have to be honest I got this with the intention of using as a light bit of reading to help me sleep, it god was I wrong! I've always been fascinated with the Titanic & this was amazingly wrote, the facts where there but in a very much down to earth way which really helped me be own addicted too the book - it was read in 2 days which is shocking for me as I'm not one to read books often. Massive praise to the author!! x
  • Great read

    By Billy boy 4
    Great book well written ,couldn't put it down,highly recommend
  • Great read

    By popps79
    Very detailed and a brilliant book
  • Great job

    By Pittard9
    Very informative and detailed account of the events that unfolded that night. Great read. Thanks