How To Write A Cookbook As An Ebook

By Andrea Chapman

  • Release Date : 2012-04-02
  • Genre : Reference
  • FIle Size : 0.40 MB


How To Write A Cookbook As An Ebook This book I wrote as a guideline to writing a cookbook as an eBook. After experiencing frustration at trying to write my own book and understanding the formats and what was needed to be accepted by publishers. So after a long journey I finally wrote and published my cooking eBook. The whole process took me over a period of two months, when I worked out all the bugs my next book took me three days. I will show you step by step to achieve your goal of writing a cookbook, without the trials and tribulations I went thru. So if you have just started on your book or, you have like me out of frustration needed a guideline to help you, this will be the book for you. Don’t waste anymore time!! This is a simple guide, step by step.