30 Ways to Survive Dining Hall and Dorm Room Food

By Penelope M. Klatell

  • Release Date : 2013-09-02
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30 Ways to Survive Dining Hall and Dorm Room Food The “15” in Freshman 15 may be an arbitrary number, but many college freshmen do gain weight during their first year and continue right through college and beyond.

College, however, should be enjoyed. Students shouldn’t live in fear of gaining weight, nor should they feel like they need to skip meals or follow crazy diets. Food is the body’s fuel and without a steady supply of the good stuff how can you ever get out of low gear or have a shot at acing an exam or getting a paper done on time?

The solution: establishing really good food habits and making informed choices and decisions that prevent weight gain from happening in the first place.

The 30 ways (and 30 bonus tips) in this book give you solid information and suggestions that are easy to use to make good, better, and best choices in the dining hall, your dorm room, at parties and games, at the movies, and on road trips. Eat well and enjoy what you eat.