Do-It-Yourself Financial Plans: The VeriPlan User Guide

By Lawrence J. Russell

  • Release Date : 2013-10-30
  • Genre : Personal Finance
  • FIle Size : 4.73 MB


Do-It-Yourself Financial Plans: The VeriPlan User Guide The VeriPlan User Guide provides helpful information about personal financial planning and how to use VeriPlan. VeriPlan is a comprehensive and economical lifetime financial planning and investment software application for do-it-yourself home users. It can give you a comprehensive view of your personal finance and investment affairs and help you to make better long-range financial decisions.

Through comprehensive and customized lifetime projections, VeriPlan's integrated and self-learning financial and investment tools will model your particular financial situation across your lifetime. VeriPlan projects fully integrated scenarios of your income, expenses, debts, property, and investment portfolio within the context of the U.S. federal, state, and local income taxes that apply to you. VeriPlan presents your lifetime financial projections in clear graphics and data tables.

You can easily customize any of your personal data and settings in VeriPlan. After you make any modification, VeriPlan will automatically and instantaneously revise your complete lifetime projection. With VeriPlan's fully integrated “what if” financial modeling tools, you take control of your own financial, investment, and retirement planning.